“My wife and I have known and used the services of Sheryl for nearly 10 years. She is simply the best. In a sea of brokers who will tell you what you think you want to hear, she is a beacon of light.”

Kenneth M. Goldberg
Real Estate Attorney & Seller


“Within weeks of listing our home for sale, you found a buyer for us at what I believe is twice what any other home in Ft. Lauderdale had ever sold for. I would highly recommend that anyone consider your services when they are buying or selling a home.”

Douglas J. Von Allmen
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


“With her 25+ years of experience in the market, her real estate knowledge and instincts are what make her indispensable. If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in South Florida, there is no one better than Sheryl Hodor as your realtor.”

Bill Collins
Real Estate Investor


“After speaking with Sheryl, I felt that she not only understood my needs, but had a very impressive market strategy. I listed my home with her and it was sold within 28 days. I have bought and sold volumes throughout the country, and to me, this was unprecedented.”

Steven Feder


“As a practicing attorney from out of state, I recently dealt with Sheryl Hodor on a mutli-million dollar real estate sale. Her attention to detail and 24/7 availability are just a few examples of what made the deal successful. Sheryl was my “go-to” person who knew how to solve any transactional hurdle. She creates a “seller’s closing sheet” which makes the closing go smoothly for all parties, and without her negotiation skills and dedication, the deal would have never finalized. I would highly recommend Sheryl Hodor, she is the epitome of professionalism in the business.”

Gary McCarthy, Esq
Seller’s attorney


“Sheryl Hodor is our “personal” Realtor. She has earned that title. Sheryl spent 4, sometimes 5, days a week for over a month, tirelessly driving us around Florida looking for just the right property. She qualified the hundreds of listings that were a misleading mess and saved us a great deal of time- additional time that we are sure would have been wasted with other realtors. Sheryl is a tireless, energetic, experienced, successful and professional Realtor. We know and have experienced other Realtors who would have given up in the very same situation. Sheryl knows how to deal with every situation and make things happen. She is focused on success for her clients and it becomes evident the first day you meet her. My wife and I have purchased and sold three properties this year with Sheryl and she has earned our respect and admiration through results. This is exactly what every prospective buyer wants but seldom finds. Sheryl is our “Personal Realtor” and our friend. We wouldn’t recommend anyone else for your real estate needs.”

Bob & Janice Fenton
Fort Lauderdale, Florida